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  What this course is all about?

Kindly use the discussion box below to introduce yourself, your objective and little bit about your career. We are creating a community here, so get involved.

olajuwon idris
i'm olajuwon idris, from nigeria. i'm a PHP web programmer
Stephen Oyekanmi
Hi my name is stephen from Nigeria. i have strong passion for cyber security and am also new to this course. i hope to learn new things.
Manoj Jadhav

I am unable to view any videos. Tried on both chrome(with html5 video extenstion added) and on firefox. Currently I am on arch Linux. Kindly help me with this.
Also, from the setting, when I choose to flash player, it still would not change to flash player. Upon refresh, its set back to html5 player.
EH Academy
Hello Manoj, I see Andrew from support team is in touch with you via email. Can you see the videos now?
Manoj Jadhav
I changed my OS. Now its working fine.
Dan Naegeli
Inactive private investigator in the PNW. In addition to this course, I'll be re-starting my PI business over the next few months.
EH Academy
Nice to hear about this, PI business is good, looking to see your growth :)
Chris McAndrew

I am an information security officer and I work for a company called Maintel.

I am 60 years old and I have been involved with security since 27 July 1989.
EH Academy
Welcome on board, it is good to hear your profile. Enjoy the course.
Rebecca Zinke
Hi everybody,

I am studying digital forensics enginering in germany. Half the way is done. My main interest are scraping data from the net, social media platforms and so on. Like to go through data, analyze and visualize it. In this field I want to get as many information possible to go further.
EH Academy
You can utilize your forensics knowledge after finding the exact location of the evidence or crime scene. This course teaches you to find the information, you can use the same knowledge to get the evidence from social and other mediums.
Paul Burton
Starting this adventure in Cyber Security. Hoping to learn enough to keep myself valuable.
EH Academy
And do forget the feedback.
Security Specialist with a large European Telecom provider.
EH Academy
Good to see you here, enjoy the course :)
Security Specialist with a large European Telecom Company
Steven Meighan
Cybercrime academic and professional. Excited to take this course.
André Edghill
I'm interested in taking this course
Hi EH Academy. I am Alain N'Dalla from Jamaica. Security Analyst at a telecoms company. Career path is Digital Forensics / Ethical Hacking. Looking to learn as much as I can and contribute to the industry.
Gabriel Owusu Ansah
My name is Gabriel Ansah from Ghana.I have been in the Ghana foreign service for almost a decade and i am looking forward to using this programme to deepen my knowledge on information gathering.
EH Academy
Great. Enjoy it.
I am incorporating a liitle bit late to the course but excited to join the opportunity.
EH Academy
You will love it. Do not forget to share the feedback.
Pierre Folkes
Hi I am excited to take course, I will begin tomorrow see you then
EH Academy
You must are enjoying the lectures :)
Sakib Janjua
Saqib here .. Lecturer by professon .. Passion and Criousity of learning has brought me here .. I hope i am going to learn as much as i can from this course and from this community ..
2+ years security, decades of BA, QA, ETL, DBA, SQL, data governance, programming. Preparing for CEH.
Raymond Delgado
Curious learner on the arts of hacking. I want to join this community to understand the benefits and dangers of hacking
EH Academy
You are already in. Enjoy the course.