One of the best ways to prosper as a security professional is IT security consulting. With comparison to corporate part, consultants have better horizons to a wide array of business situations and other industries. People who make names and get succeed in the world of consulting find themselves engraved with amazing technical skills and tactics and get in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies.

Remember, before you get into consulting; don’t forget to take note of the field’s current opportunities and tests. According to Brain Honan, forefather of BH Consulting ,“Migrating security services to the cloud, incident response, forensics and security risk assessments are areas in high demand” BH is an Ireland-based IT security consulting organization that has grown to 10 consultants and giving their services in Ireland, UK, US and Europe.

Let’s get to some other aspiring comments made by Peter Block, author of Flawless Consulting. He says, “Economically, it is important to understand that the two groups in consulting: those who generate the projects and those who do the work. Those who sell the projects always earn the highest income”, that means; consultants need to know the various firms involved in the security business. Each and every organization will differ with respect to specialization, geographic importance and growth potential. Geographical location and exclusive skills hold great importance in making an individual’s career.

Renowned consulting firms like Accenture, KPMG, EW, PWC and Deloitte, they all have one thing in common; that they all are having technology and security firms at their companies. Consultants work at large multi-service firms get benefit from strong institutional support for instance; Deloitte runs Deloitte University to upkeep professional development.

Partner in Deloitte Canada’s Enterprise Risk Service practice said, “Aspiring security consultants need to show a passion for the field. In interviews, I often ask candidates for their assessment on breaking news stories relating to data breaches and security matters. Their response tells me a lot about their interest level”.

“A junior consultant in our cyber security groups has a unique opportunity to contribute. In many consulting organizations, junior staff simply execute on the direction of others. In this group, junior consultants are directly contributing to our methodology and approach. That is a tremendous opportunity to grow and learn,” he explained further.

“We expect to do a lot of hiring for security talent in Canada this year and in 2017,” he added. Deloitte is currently hiring for a variety of cyber security consulting roles. As of March 2016, the firm was looking for interns, analysts and consultants across the United States. Typical job titles include IT Security Solution Developer, Cyber Risk Assessments Consultant, and Cyber Risk Technical Architect.

Stable creek of cyber security incidents in the news eventually means rise in demand for security focused consulting firms. Some examples are including Root9b, RSA, Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks. These kinds of organizations specifically focus on a particular niche: for instance Palo Alto Networks focuses on detection and prevention of threats on the other hand firm like Forceprint mainly focuses on Internet of Things (IoT) security.

Let’s come to entrepreneurial route:

To be an independent security consultant is one amazing option for people like those who have the urge to break into field and to become one requires numerous capabilities in addition to technical knowledge. Meanwhile, some beginners in this field take sales and marketing as one hurdling block although there are some techniques to get through with this approach.