Shodan is the search engine that allows users to find out the specific data. It is different from Google and other search engine as the other search engine only index the web. Shodan indexes other things like webcam, cell phones, salon facilities, specific medical services, automobile accessories, television, books and everything that you think you can find out on the internet. There are several courses available that empower you to understand the use of the specific index for shodan.

Do you know how Shodan works?

Whatever the services are running on open ports, they use banners. A banner publicly shows the whole product and services range on the internet about with the specification of the nature of the business. Shodan shares the example of FTF banner. Remember, Shodan doesn’t not index any web content. It is linked with query ports 80 and 443.

There are other services do exist as well on other ports that offer the service-specific information but it is not sufficient to indicate that your published banner is true or not. In many cases, it is considered true. Interestingly, there are many enterprises that don’t use Shodan, even they usually block Shodan from crawling their network. Cybercriminals don’t need Shodan to target vulnerable devices in order to connect to the designed network. Remember, blocking Shodan doesn’t mean that you have taken all safety measures. However, Shodan has the ability to minimize the risk factors.

Shodan scares people those have not sufficient technical knowledge and they don’t know how to use the internet. The most well-known news agency CNN named it “scariest search engine on the internet” in 2013. Simply, you can’t let anyone knows about where your power plants are so that you can be safe from unwanted threats. The real worth of Shodan lies in helping protectors to gain greater visibility into their own networks. If you don’t know what is the asset that you actually have to protect then you can’t design your defending strategies. Shodan is the search engine that provides the greater visibility of insecure functions, the cyber-physical world in which we actually live.

Securing Network

In the modern world, many enterprises like to share about their businesses a lot on the internet. For example, what enterprises do, how they do and other information that reflects their business identity. In the same case, employees also plug things on the internet to show the business visibility and later it can also be the reason for cyber-attacks. In order to protect you, Shodan helps you by making it easy to search a subnet or domain for connected devices, open ports, default credentials, even known vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals can only have the visibility to the same thing, so it stops the entrances of threats before they decide to attack. Shodan supports user to search for the devices vulnerable to certain activities. Additionally, it helps defenders to show their identity to own devices for security. Even during the information collective phase, it does penetrating testing. Moreover, paid members can also get access to API.