Cyber Security is one of the biggest issues U.S government and organizations are facing today. There is no argument that Cyber Criminals are much more skilled than any organization’s security professional. New malwares and ransomwares are emerging every day; which have been affecting organizations and US government departments.

Year after year we see many big organizations and U.S government sectors on the news; because their systems have been breached. Sony, TalkTalk, JP Morgan, Anthem, Target Home Depot and many government sectors has been successfully targeted by cyber criminals in past two years. It doesn't matter whether you are a small organization or a big giant – any cyber attack can result in hug financial losses.

In modern age ransomwares have created the destruction worldwide; but U.S is one nation affected most by ransomware attacks. The big question in everyone's mind is what are the reasons behind the rise of cyber threats? One core reason is the shortage of skilled cyber security professionals in the industry. There are more than 209,000 unfilled cyber security jobs in U.S currently. The numbers are increasing as the cyber threats grow; every organization now needs a skilled cyber security professional.

According to the Peninsula Press; the demand of cyber security professionals will increase by 53% in next two years. But, the disappointing thing is there aren't many cyber security professionals out there who are equally skillful as the modern day hackers. The reason behind the shortage of skilled cyber security professionals is the failure of U.S universities.

Top most universities in U.S have failed to provide quality cyber security education to youngsters. The quality of education provided in these universities is lower than Online Cyber Security institutes for example EH Academy. According to the survey by cloudpassage revealed that out of top 10 Computer science (CS) programs in U.S, not a single program requires a cyber security course to graduate.

According to Business Indider ; out of top 50 CS Programs only three institutes of of 50 requires a Cyber Security course to graduate. The lack of focus on Cyber Security education from these institutes is impacting the Cyber Security market.

CloudPassage report analyzed these top 50 CS Programs offered around US and rated them according to their quality in Cyber Security education. The situation is so worst that; not even a single University has earned A grade. Three Universities earned “B” rating, 11 earned “C”, 28 earned “D” and 8 earned “F”.

Despite the fact that, Cyber Security is the priority of every U.S organization today, most universities in U.S are not trying to fulfill the need of industry.

Universities are slow in changing the structure of their Computer Science education; and it's impacting the job opportunities new graduates get when they enter the market. U.S universities should realize that; offering a single course on Cyber Security during a bachelor's program isn't enough to create skilled cyber security professionals.