You are reading this story, it means that somehow you belong to the world of information technology. No matter what your specialty is, you can't ignore the importance of certification. Certificate is the richest source to judge your skill set, your knowledge and ability to perform a specific task in the corporate environment. You might be a very good programmer, penetration tester or may be forensics examiner, but how does HR or any other recruiter know about you? They will look your education, experience and the certificates that you have. So, long story short, you need a certificate to prove your skills, and this is why more than 1500 students have got their " Computer Hacking Forensics Investigation" course completion certificate.

We are featuring this story to announce the EH Academy achievement and further roadmap. Computer forensics training course is the short course created to refresh your mind and to create the basic understanding about the:

1. Examination process

2. Forensics methodology

3. Associated risks

4. How to use Autopsy and other known forensic tools

5. How to get the evidence & what to do with it

6. And many more...

The training course is available for free of cost for everyone, students are allowed to start the learning from anywhere at anytime, but we put a little fee ($10) for the students who completed the course and willing to get the certificate. The overall exercise went well and we got tremendous appreciation from the industry, people have enrolled, learned and they gave their positive feedback.


Industry's positive feedback gave us strength to move a step ahead. The roadmap is to enhance the existing course, and to create more courses related to cyber security.


We always look for your feedback and suggestion because you made the EH Academy possible. Join the EH Academy Facebook group to discuss the recent development and happenings of the academy. Help us to spread the word, let's create a better information security community.