Earning online was never easy before, thanks to the amazing affiliate marketing model. An individual or a group of people can earn passive income by just promoting the EH Academy courses. EH Academy providing an opportunity for the instructors and course promoters as well. If you have a good fan following on your Facebook, Twitter, Blog and newsletter; then why not monetizing them?

The Process to become an Affiliate at EH Academy

First of all you need to have an account registered at EH Academy, sign up if you haven't yet. Then, apply to become an affiliate, you will be notified with the process, your percentage share and the other resources to move your promotion to the next level.

Click on Admin at the top menu and you will be redirected to your dashboard.

At the dashboard, you can see all the resources available to manage your affiliate activities. You can track your own performance, sales, your commission daily and even monthly. Click on the payout details to provide your Paypal ID. Click on the reports to look at your financial condition.

Click on Affiliate links to get your unique URL, make sure to promote the courses using your tracking, otherwise we can't track the conversion whether it is coming from you or from someone else.


In order to get the affiliate URL of any specific course, put the URL of that course and get your final URL included your tracking code. This is the unique URL associated with your profile, you can easily track the progress now.

How to Promote the Course?

You can write a blog post, you can share it on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and other social channels. And yes, the advertising, you should get benefits from Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.

The EH Academy support team creates how-to guide to train you and to show you the process of earning passive income online. So start now to start your earning.