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What's Inside the Bundle?

Want to become highly paid Bug Bounty hunter? This bundle will teach you how to earn Millions of Dollars from Bug Bounty Hunting. Learn complete Bug hunting techniques in one extensive bundle offer. This bundle covers various courses to teach you Ethical Hacking for hunting bugs from scratch to advanced level. You will be using various attacks and techniques to practice bug bounty in real life that includes: Assessing various websites throughout this bundle,Web Application Penetration Testing, Offensive approach for pentesting,Brute-Force, Session Hijacking via Mann-in-The-Middle attack,Get Gmail or Facebook Passwords via SSLStrip, SQL Injection,Hands-on labs for hacking systems, networks, wireless, mobile devices, & websites Perform various attacks over WAN network and much more.

Website Hacking Course to Become Professional Bug Bounty Hunter

This course is centered around the practical side of penetration testing without ignoring the theory behind each attack. Before drifting into penetration testing, you will initially figure out how to set up a lab and install the required software to start practicing penetration testing.
At that point you will realize what is a site, how it works, what are its dependencies, what is a web server, a database, and how these segments cooperate to give us working sites?
When you see how sites function we will begin moving towards how might we exploit these components and methods for correspondence to do various intense attacks. This course will take you from a fresher to an expert level - when you complete this course, you will have the ability to launch attacks and test the security of sites and web applications the very same way that Black-Hat hackers would do to exploit vulnerabilities in order to secure sites from them.

Learning Outcome:

  • Install Kali Linux - a penetration testing operating system
  • Install windows & vulnerable operating systems as virtual machines for testing
  • Learn Linux basics
  • Understand how websites & web applications work
  • Gather sensitive information about websites


  • Basic knowledge about ethical hacking and its terminologies.
  • ISO File for Kali Linux
  • Virtual Machine

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