Why Teach at EH Academy?

Complete control of your Audience/followers We help you in building your own personal brand. Allow your followers and our audience to join your Social Media groups or slack Community right from your landing page. Our research team found many instructors expanded their personal brand around the globe with the help of this amazing option.
Directly communicate with your Community We provide complete freedom to our Learners; they can be reached if they are following you. We provided them full authority to choose how much they want to hear from you. We provided them Follow, Unfollow and Muting options.

Construct your own community around you We provide you with complete control; you can connect with your student directly and built your own community, We always value our Learners and Instructors more than our Academy. Because without you there is no need of us.

Flexibility Teach whatever you want to teach, use your own experimented methods of teaching. We will also share the best teaching methodologies throughout course creating process.
Ownership The course you create, belongs to you. You are the owner of your own content, shape it as you want to shape the content.
Monetize your Experience Charges of using our platform is very less when you compare with industry. Since product belongs to you and Learner is also your follower; we only take a small share for our highly professional services. Our instructors will keep the 50% – 60% from every sale.