Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use

We will reference ourselves as “ehacking”, "Company" or “we/us" in these Terms of Use”. This document sets out the terms for the use of our Platform. Our platform can be found at https://ehacking.net, and includes all the subdomains operated by ehacking.

When referring to “You” or “User”, we mean the entity you represent in accepting these Terms.

By using our Platform in any manner, you expressly agree to and give your consent to be governed by these Terms. If You do not agree with these Terms or You do not wish to be bound by these Terms, you must not use or access the Platform in any manner.

  • Payment

If you access or use any product that requires any fee payment, you must agree to pay and be responsible for paying the fees, including all taxes, to get access. You have read, understood, and agreed to payment method and pricing information.

If you provide credit card information for any purchase, you hereby authorize us to charge your card for that product. You can claim a refund in the first 30 days of purchase if you are unsatisfied. No claims will be entertained after 30 days span.

Our order process is conducted by our online Payment partner payproglobal.com. Payproglobal is the Merchant of Record for all our orders.

  • General

You may allow accessing the products for the legalized purpose only. You agreed to use the product or company’s content legally in consideration under applicable laws.

We reserve the right to revise our terms and condition by posting changes on-site, while changes become effective after 30 days. Your continued use of the Product after 30 days will be considered as your acceptance of new terms and conditions. If you find any term or condition inappropriate, ambiguous, or objectionable, you can contact us.

You agree not to use ehacking's content to recruit, solicit, or contact any instructor or student for employment or contracting for a not affiliated business. Violation will result in a permanent ban from the website.

The Company may modify the Products or temporarily (to make inevitable changes) discontinue their availability.

Access is provided to all registered users. The duration of access means the time until the website or its business exists to its true nature.

  • Copyright

You agreed to solely abide by the applicable laws that you will not reproduce, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, communicate to the public any of the content of the Company site to market without any permission.

  • Content

You hereby do not upload, post, or publish any unauthorized advertising or post inappropriate, offensive, racist, hateful, sexist, pornographic, false, or misleading content as a comment.

  • Privacy
  1. You will not disclose any personal information to other users on the website.
  2. You will not solicit the personal information of others.
  3. You know that before accessing the website, you must register yourself; it helps us offer content, customer service, and network management.
  4. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account.
  5. You must not provide incorrect or knowingly false information to gain access.
  6. You must notify us in case of any unauthorized access or use from your account or any security breach.
  7. You may not transfer your credentials to anyone nor use anyone else.
  8. The Company hereby grants you as a user, an unlimited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and use the content, for which you have paid all required fees.
  9. In consideration of user’s privacy, you must not distribute, modify, reverse engineer, mutilate, hack, or interfere with the products or any site’s operation.
  10. All your access and other activities relating to the website and the products must comply with all laws related to copyrights and other intellectual property use.
  11. Any personal information submitted in connection with your use of the Products, or the Site is subject to Our Privacy Policy.
  • Refund Policy
  1. We work hard to guarantee their students' satisfaction regarding their purchases.
  2. Please feel free to contact us at the mentioned email address if you have any technical or sales queries: [email protected]
  3. We aim to make needful corrections if our products do not meet your requirements.
  4. Our strategy enables you to get a full refund within 30 days of your order. When you contact us explicitly, please provide all the information about the reason for your refund request so that we may figure out what went wrong and how we can improve.
  5. Please ensure that you have not progressed more than 5% through the course. It shall not be entertained if a student has undergone or downloaded a vast percentage of the course before demanding a refund.
  6. The valid deadline to request a refund is at least five days before the expiration of the 30-day duration.
  7. You are not eligible for a refund if you have obtained one credential certificate through our Academy. However, a swapping possibility will be given to our valued students.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds may take at least 7-10 business days after the date of application for refund.